Week 18 Blog Gratitude

Well, fell off the blogging horse there for awhile. Went through some resistance with the course. This last week’s webinar, though, was amazing. LOVED the question: “What would the person I intend to become do next?” Have been using that a lot this week. In some moments when I asked that question the answer was something very different than what I was doing in that moment (surprise, surprise). What I’d been doing in those moments is what got me where I am and where I am is not where I am going. That question is a beautifully effective navigational tool.

Have been noticeably happier in recent weeks than in the past. Life challenges are still there. Just my frame of mind is so much lighter. Expressing gratitude for things is becoming habit. Noticing things I have routinely overlooked. This may sound strange but today as I was plugging in my laptop I felt grateful for the power cord. It has been such a faithful servant the entire time I’ve owned this laptop (many years), always working perfectly, dependably.

It’s interesting that during the time I have ‘fallen off the horse’ in terms of coursework assignments coincides with my internalizing some of the practices and making them my own. It’s like I had to unplug to reboot or something.


Week 16 Makeover

The Makeover project we started in week 14 is paying dividends. Last week observing and performing acts of kindness. This week observing and performing acts of self-control/self-discipline.

Both are shifting things in ways I hadn’t expected. I didn’t realize what a cynic I was. That I didn’t believe there was so much kindness going on out there. How refreshing to renew my faith in humanity. And how renewing to my own spirit to go out of my way to perform unexpected kindnesses.

This week focusing on self-control/discipline, observing my own actions, catching myself in the act, observing it in other people. It is only Monday and already I am feeling inspired to be even more self-disciplined. Who’d a thought such a simple exercise could inspire such a shift. The results of this exercise have been one of the biggest surprises in this course. Guess it proves that what you focus on really DOES grow. 🙂

Week 15 The Art of Thinking

Two things struck me from the week 15 MK reading. The first being “to have a knowledge of the creative power of thought does not mean to possess the art of thinking.” Whoa!! The ART of thinking?

I know that when I meditate regularly my ability to focus and stay on task during the day goes up noticeably so I had thought of ‘thought’ as a muscle that could be developed but I never thought of it as an art. Given the context of what we’ve been learning about the creative power of thought the analogy does make a lot of sense. THAT is an art form worth developing. I wrote “the art of thinking” at the top of the page in my PlannerPad (my paper calendar) to remind me to practice that art. Am LOVING this concept.

The other thing that struck me was FINALLY reconciling what seemed like a problematic conflict of teachings. The Master Keys drill the importance of positive thought & emotion and dismissing negative thought & emotion lest we attract more of the negative via the Law of Attraction: “if we wish desirable conditions, we can afford to entertain only desirable thoughts.”

That’s one side of the conflict. The other side is what I have learned other places and also believe to be true and that is we have to address and clear the negatives in our lives or they will fester. There is even a book titled something like “Emotions Buried Alive Never Die”. I never read the book but saw it at my chiropractor’s office years ago. The title says it all.

And then there’s what I’ve been learning through studying EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). The energetic imprint of our life experiences stay in our being out of our conscious awareness and the negative ones create havoc in our lives for YEARS until they are cleared.

So on the one hand avoid all negative thought and emotion lest you manifest more of them. On the other hand pay attention to them so you can resolve/heal them.

Those are the two seemingly contradictory teachings that had bothered me up to this point. I knew there had to be a middle ground but it didn’t come to me until week 15. The resolution for me is that if we do not process and clear negative emotions (with the intention of healing not dwelling) then the negative lingers and festers under the surface and no matter how much we avoid awareness of them in our conscious thinking they are still there lurking. So taking the time to process and clear the negative is the only way to truly maintain positive mind and emotion.

Week 14 Anything IS Possible

Watched several inspirational movies over the holiday. Realized after the fact that the assignment was to watch just one. Oh well, I watched three. My favorite was Rudy. It is astonishing the determination that kid had. Not just quietly determined persistence but also persistence in the face of public ridicule, shaming , and severe family pressure to not pursue what he knew was his destiny.

I was blown away by his ‘knowing’ his potential even in the face of so much ‘evidence’ to the contrary. Makes me think of the pieces of ‘evidence’ I allow to provide excuses to not do what I otherwise know I can do.

A wonderful example of the oft repeated phrase “anything is possible”.

So now back to work making my ‘anything’ possible.

Week 12 PPN Revision

Well Hallelujah!

I often get insights and Ah Ha moments in my morning sits. One sit this week was particularly good.

I previously chose the PPN’s of True Health and Liberty because they felt like my most imminent needs. Realizing that PPN’s may change over time I felt perfectly good about selecting those realizing that my higher level PPN’s were something else. But start with what you need now, right?

I came to realize in my sit that I unwittingly fell for the seduction of Have, Be, Do. I wanted to HAVE True Health and Liberty so that I could BE healthy and financially free so that I could then DO my higher purpose. How freakin’ funny that I didn’t even recognize I fell for that.

So I am claiming now, not later, my true PPN’s which are Spiritual Growth and Legacy. I am now free to BE which makes it so much easier to DO and the HAVE will come.

Now I need to rewrite my DMP built off my new PPN’s and I am so looking forward to that. Then redo my vision board and all the rest. I feel so much lighter, happier, and more my authentic self. It’s exciting!

Week 11 Learn by Contrast and Reset

The old blueprint has been fighting for survival lately. The silver lining, though, has been that rather than beat myself up over slipping into old patterns I am choosing to view it as learning by contrast: “Oh yes, THIS is what I DON’T want. These patterns are what prevented me in the past from attaining my goals.” I am grateful to have a system and support (MKMMA) to plug back into to ‘reset’ myself into my new blueprint. I think the fact that it was relatively easy to shift into the ‘learn by contrast and reset’ mindset is evidence the new blueprint is taking hold.

Week 9 Blessed

Gathered with family for Thanksgiving and am appreciating the close relationships that we have. Lots of laughter. Only occasionally do we get on each other’s nerves and those occasions resolve quickly. Feeling blessed.